Village Naturiste/FKK

"Heliopolis" Naturist Village
"Île du Levant" FR-83400 Hyeres
"Heliopolis" is a Private Naturist Village:
Founded in 1931 by Drs G. and A. DURVILLE on Île du Levant
It is administered by the Union of Directors of Heliopolis Association Syndicale Libre.
This is a fraction of the town of Hyeres, town hall annex, municipal police station, primary school, chapel, fort and various shops.
Heliopolis includes 245 condominiums which are spread over 65 ha.
Including: 90 B Hotels 87 rental villas & apartments.
In high season, the island population reached 1300 people.
Naturism is free everywhere, it is obligatory on the beach and the sea,
He is currently banned in public places, on the port and the town square.
There are no street lights. The cars are not allowed on the island.
Since 1993 the Natural Reserve of Arbutus covers 19 hectares north of the civilian field.
• Hospitality, Accommodation:
90 bedrooms Hotel & bedrooms Villa-Host (B & B)
85 Vacation Apartments, Bungalows, Villas..
L'Accroche Coeur : Vue de rêve... undefined
"Naturism is accessible to everyone, of all generations"
« Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, caracteresed by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment »

Location: Island of the Rising, direct access to beaches and nature reserve of Strawberry trees.
Facilities: Swimming exclusively naturist beach of the Caves, small solariums and along the rocky coastline with access to the sea: Baths of Diana, the Plates, cove of the Monk Seals & Galley.
• Service:
- 9 restaurants, snack bars.
- Bakery, food, tobacco and bazaar.
- Hairdresser, doctor, massages, yoga.
- Post office, city police, city hall, public primary school.
• Entertainment: The village of Heliopolis & restaurants offer live music & evening show.
Naturist Activities :
Sunbathing on the beach and the seaside, swimming in crystal clear water, scuba diving, canoeing, volleyball, yoga, massage, r andonnue on ledges or in the Natural Reserve of the Domaine des Arbousiers, fishing ...
Address: Mayor of Heliopolis Naturist Village, FR-83400 PEI Levant
• NOTE: A Hélioppolis no ATMs, no street lights (Provide a flashlight).